Wedding Flowers

Setting a Budget for Your Wedding Flowers

No matter how much money you’re spending on your wedding, you’ll never seem to have enough to make your wedding flowers as fabulous as you dream they could be. But you can do an amazing job and have fabulous floral arrangements at your wedding on a reasonable budget.
First, be realistic about how much money you can spend. One bride may be spending $25,000 on a 300-guest wedding, while another may be putting together a small, more intimate wedding for just a couple of thousand dollars. You’d probably assume that the smaller, less expensive wedding wouldn’t look as elegant as the less expensive wedding, but that’s not necessarily true – if a bride budgets her money so that she gets the most for her budget, a florist will be happy to work with her to create a beautiful event. The secret is to heavily decorate key focal points while minimizing less important areas of the reception room. 

Find the Areas Where Money's Best Spent

One of the most personal bridal details that you’ll want to discuss with your florist is the bridal bouquet, and it should be at the top of your list of floral expenses. From there, you can decide which areas are the most important other portions of your wedding flower design. Centerpieces, for example, are a central floral focal point – people look at them, in the middle of the table, for several hours. Sometimes they’re sent home with guests. So brides should consider devoting a decent portion of the floral budget to centerpieces.

If your vows will be exchanged outdoors or in a hall under an arch or gazebo, guests will be looking your way throughout the entire ceremony. That will be in a lot of photographs, too – something to think about when working up your wedding flower budget. One area where you can definitely cut corners is on bridesmaid’s bouquets – they aren’t necessary, and no one is likely to remember if the bridesmaids were carrying them or not. So either go with very small, tasteful wedding flowers for the bride’s party, or do away with them entirely.

This is an excellent opportunity to trim the budget for wedding flowers in an area that is less likely to be remembered. A smaller, tasteful flower arrangement also looks great in photographs without taking attention away from the bride. Other places where you don’t really need flowers are the rest rooms, the gift table and the buffet table. Your money is better spent in other areas. 

Whether your budget for wedding flowers is $10,000 or $1,000, think about where you really need to spend money and what you can do without. With a good plan and a well-crafted budget, a great wedding florist can help you create an elegant, memorable wedding.

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