Wedding Reception

How to Create a Memorable Wedding Reception

For the majority of bridal couples, the venue and decor of their wedding reception is vitally important. Whether it’s the church hall attached to your family wedding chapel, or a big rented hall that can seat hundreds of guests, finding the right place and setting the fundamental details are the key elements in making a memorable wedding reception.

First, make sure you have the venue for the entire day. You're spending months of your time and an awful lot of your money to make your wedding day perfect. So, if possible, get the site for the entire day. You’ll have plenty of time to set up, and you you won't have to rush through your reception to get out in time for another party. That way, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your wedding without any stress.

When arranging the seating for the reception, keep easy conversation between your guests in mind. Long banquet tables look elegant, but it’s difficult for your guests to talk to each other. The wedding party can have a U-shaped table with the bride and groom at the head, allowing guests to approach the happy couple during the reception and letting the bridal party talk amongst themselves. And make those tables look elegant with a floor-length under-tablecloth with a colorful, pretty smaller tablecloth on top. Rental companies carry all sizes of tablecloths, and you can just send them back after the wedding reception’s over.

Candles Add Drama

Add glamor to the event with candles. Small votives burn for hours and are inexpensive, so you can use a lot of them for extra drama. Test the burning time of candles before the event – and try placing them in the freezer before the reception, taking them out and lighting them just before the party – the reception room will get warm, and your candles will last longer if you cool them down beforehand. And go big with your cake! Even if you're having a small wedding reception, you can still have a traditional, tall, tiered cake. Even if you don’t need a lot of cake, you can ask the baker to create a couple of fake layers, frosted and decorated like the rest of the cake, for effect – and it’s a lot less expensive than having them make a huge, real cake with more servings than you need.

Make sure your guests feel extra welcome with a lovely receiving area, decorated with flowers, candles and other decorations. With that, the cake, the great tables and the good time, your guests are sure to remember your wedding fondly. Having everything organized ahead of time will help you concentrate on taking your vows, and everything else at your wedding reception will take care of itself.

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