Wedding Jewelry

Your Options for Wedding Jewelry

If you can't look like a princess on your wedding day, then when can you? With that in mind, when you go out shopping for that perfect dress and the hideous ones for your bridesmaids, don't forget the jewelry. Your wedding jewelry will be one of the first things that people notice, aside from your gown, and a few delicate touches can make your ensemble all the more memorable.

We'll start from the top and work our way down. What could be more glamorous, more princess-like, than a tiara? Now, many people consider a tiara more a headdress than a true piece of wedding jewelry, but in fact a nice one can be both. A lovely silver or platinum tiara set with gemstones can be absolutely stunning, if a little pricey; but even if you only rent or borrow rather than buy, it makes an unforgettable accent to your outfit. Your elegance will surely be memorialized in everyone's memories, not to mention their snapshots.

Onward and downward

While tiaras aren't for everyone, tasteful earrings are all but required in a bride. You can't go wrong with pearls, though diamond studs also look particularly elegant. Dangly earrings are not recommended, because they might distract from the true center of attention: you. Whatever you choose, of course, you should wear your hair up, so that your choice of wedding jewelry for the earlobes can be seen.

Whether you wear a necklace will really depend on whether you're wearing a strapless gown or not. If you are, wearing a necklace would be best; otherwise your neck will seem oddly bare. Pearls (especially if they match your earrings) are an excellent choice of wedding jewelry, either as a choker or in strands. Otherwise anything tasteful will do, although what you define as tasteful might vary according to you culture. An intricate and lovely Indian mangalsutra necklace wouldn't cause anyone to bat an eye in a Hindu wedding, but in a traditional Western wedding it might be considered too bright and colorful for such a somber event. If you're unsure whether something is considered tasteful, consult with others whose fashion sense you trust before the Big Event.

Other accents

Whether you wear any other jewelry beyond the basics depends on your sense of style and class. You don't want to overburden yourself, if only so that you don't overwhelm the impact of that most important piece of wedding jewelry: the wedding ring your groom will slip into your finger. It's advisable that you don't wear any other rings, particularly on your right hand. However, a tasteful bracelet on one wrist might be a good choice. As for visible toe rings, they're right out.

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