Wedding Showers

Delightful Games for Wedding Showers

One of the most fun, memorable and, often, embarrassing parts of traditional wedding showers are the wedding shower games. And you have to provide them – guests have come to expect to play shower games at a wedding shower, but there have been enough changes and upgrades to the games over the years that you can put a new spin on old games for a fun, unique shower experience

A Time Honored Classic

One of the most time-honored of wedding shower games is the “Clothespin Game” – clothespins (or large safety pins) are passed out to each guest, all of whom are told not to cross their legs. Throughout the rest of the party, if anyone catches another guest with her legs crossed, she can take the clothespin. By the end of the party, whoever has the most pins wins a prize. Another variation of this classic wedding shower game involves instructing guests to avoid a certain word – usually a specifically wedding-oriented word like “groom” or “ceremony.” If a guest is caught saying the word during the games or the shower itself, one of their clothespins is given to the person who noticed them saying it.

A Simple Scavenger Hunt

One of the most popular wedding shower games is the purse scavenger hunt. Simply offer shower guests a list of items that might be in their handbags. The one with the most items on the list wins this game and the prize.

A Wacky Twist On an Old Favorite

Another fun wedding shower game is the “Memory Game.” Put together a collection of wedding-type items – or pictures of wedding items – in a bag or box. Let the guests look at the contents of the box for a few minutes, then close up the box and give the guests about ten minutes to write down as many as they can remember. After the time is up, display the objects again and whoever remembered the most wins a prize. For a fresh twist on this wedding game, have someone bring out a number of items on a tray and instruct the guests to remember everything they see. Then send the person out of the room with the items and tell the guests to list everything they can remember – about the person. This makes the game a little tougher, since the shower guests were concentrating in remembering the items and you’re asking for details on the person’s hair, clothing, jewelry, shoes, etc. Whoever remembers the most details wins a prize.

Be sure to choose games that include all of your guests, and choose nice prizes that will reflect the shower as a whole. Including games like these can help to make the shower experience fun for all shower guests.

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