Vacation Scrapbook

Gathering Items for Your Vacation Scrapbook

Do you have an upcoming vacation scheduled? If so, do not forget to collect all kinds of items that you can use to put together your vacation scrapbook! There are a ton of different things that you can collect during your vacation that will be just perfect to put in your scrapbook. You will find that it will be easy and also quite fun to put together all of your memories and pictures in a scrapbook commemorating your wonderful vacation.

Of course, the types of embellishments that you will use will more than likely depend on the location of your vacation spot. If you are going on a tropical vacation, you may want to go out ahead of time and pick up some scrapbooking supplies to support that theme. You can find all kinds of great stickers and even stamps that will be just perfect for your pages. A great idea is to find pictures or brochures from wherever you will be staying so that you can clip them and add them as well. The same idea will work no matter where you go. For colder climates, get stickers with snowmen or snowflakes and maybe even white paper doilies as a background embellishment.

Gathering items to put into your vacation scrapbook may be much easier than you would think. If you will be flying to your destination, you could keep your airplane ticket stubs or even your flight itinerary. Maybe you will be heading out on some type of a cruise. In this case it is a great idea to grab a postcard with a picture of the cruise ship you will be boarding. Often times, there will even be menus that you can grab from some of the dinners that you will have on board the ship. These kinds of items make wonderful additions to any type of vacation scrapbook.

All you have to do when you are looking for items to add is just use your imagination. If there is something that you can tack down to a page, then you should grab it and save it until you can add it to your scrapbook. Even if you have something simple such as a receipt from a kayak rental, it can be a great thing to add to your vacation scrapbook. You would be amazed at just how much fun it can be to look back at such items later on. There is no limit to the amount of great memories that you can add to your vacation scrapbook as long as you use your imagination.

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