Engagement Scrapbook

Designing an Engagement Scrapbook

To keep track of all of the amazing memories while you are planning your wedding, you may want to think of putting together an engagement scrapbook. There are all kinds of fun things that you do when you are engaged, and a scrapbook is the perfect way to preserve those precious memories for years to come. All you have to do is put together some of your odds and ends that relate to your engagement and/or wedding planning and you are ready to go.

There are all kinds of wonderful scrapbooking supplies available today, ranging from many different sizes and types of books to all kinds of unique and fun embellishments that you can add to each page. To get some of the supplies that you may need, you can usually head over to just about any department or drug store to find scrapbooks, stickers, markers and so on. Just let your imagination run wild!

Since you are probably very busy during the entire period leading up to your big wedding day event, you may not have the time to start your engagement scrapbook right away. This is not a problem at all. All you have to do is find some type of a box or plastic storage container where you can safely keep all of your pictures and mementos. Any time you find something along the way that you think you may want to add to your engagement scrapbook, all you have to do is put it away in the box until you are ready for it.

The real fun begins when you finally get some type of a breather and you are ready to start assembling your engagement scrapbook. There are all kinds of fun ideas that you can use when it comes to putting your pages together. Did he propose to you at a special location? If he proposed in your favorite restaurant, maybe you saved the menu from that evening or perhaps a matchbook that you can place on the page. Another fun thing to add would be the bill from the evening so that a few years from now, you can look back at the cost of dining out!

Remember that when you are putting together the scrapbook that you should use materials that are photo safe and acid free. This will help keep everything from discoloring or fading over time. With that being said, be creative! Do not be afraid to use anything that you think will make your pages fun and memorable. You will be extremely proud and happy that you have such an engagement scrapbook to look back on several years from now.

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