Scrapbook Embellishments

Choosing the Right Scrapbook Embellishments

The craft of scrapbooking has become immensely popular over the past few years. Along with this popularity comes the opportunity for all kinds of new and wonderful accents that can be added to your scrapbook pages. Gone are the days of just using random stickers to spruce up each one of your theme pages. Now, there are a bunch of different scrapbook embellishments that can be used to make an ordinary page extraordinary!

Of course stickers are still perfect additions to any page in your scrapbook. However, stickers have come quite a long way over the years as well. Now you can find all sorts of gorgeous stickers that will bring a lot of life to your scrapbooking activities. You can usually find lots of glittery stickers, scented stickers, holographic stickers, rewriteable stickers, and even stickers that have a clear base so that it almost looks as if you drew your own artwork on the page! You would be amazed at just how great a page will turn out with a good mix of stickers, markers, paper accents, and photographs.

Next up there is the ever-popular trend of adding ribbons to your scrapbook pages. Ribbons can be used in a number of different ways. All you have to do is get a little bit creative. How about taking and adding a ribbon tied in a bow to the corner of one of your pages? You can also add a ribbon down the length of your page almost to make it look like a bookmark of sorts. Some scrappers will even take bits of ribbon and cut them up to make them resemble confetti for a nice touch. You could even punch holes and lace the ribbon up along the page for a wedding page with a little bit of Victorian flare.

Once you have used these kinds of embellishments you may be looking for add-ons that are a little bit more involved. Have you ever thought about adding rivets to your scrapbook pages? Well, rivets are actually wonderful accents that can make your scrapbook pages shine. You can usually get them in all different shapes and colors so that you can match them up with your desired theme. Along the same lines as rivets there are also other metal accents that can be added in the form of foils and thin, pliable wires.

You will find that as long as you let your imagination be your guide there is no end to the amount of great things that you can do with each of your page sets. Scrapbooking should never feel like a chore. This should always be a fun process. Finding new things to add to your scrapbook pages is just a part of the fun!

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