Family Reunion Scrapbooks

Creating a Family Reunion Scrapbook

Do you happen to have a family reunion coming up? If so, you may want to come up with a few ideas to keep the day interesting, especially if you have a large amount of extended family that will be attending. There is nothing more boring than a large group of people hanging out with name tags on, rehashing the same memories. Well, it may not be that bad, but a fun project like a family reunion scrapbook may be just the thing to keep the conversations and memories flowing throughout the day.

If you are a person that already has a few scrapbooking tips up your sleeve, then that is wonderful. You should have no problem coming up with all kinds of ideas in addition to the few that will be listed here. If you do not have any experience with scrapbooking, then you should still do great. This is because scrapbooking is what you make out of it. It is the aspect of taking your personality and putting it to use in your scrapbook that makes all the difference. With this being said, you are probably wondering how a scrapbook could come into play at your family reunion, right?

Well, the answer to that is simple, a family reunion scrapbook is a great way to display all of your favorite family memories in a wonderful keepsake book that can be handed down for generations. Sure, keeping all of your photographs in a neat and orderly fashion is wonderful too, and you probably have a good number of full photo albums around your house. With a scrapbook, it is all of the extra special touches that make it so wonderful.

There are a couple of ideas that you could use when it comes to family reunion scrapbooking. One is that you make a large scrapbook with as much of your family and memories loaded into as you possibly can. You can keep it on display at your family reunion so that everyone can look through it and go back on all of the memories you have shared. When doing this, you are going to want to be sure that you have page protectors on every sheet.

The second idea that many people like to use at family reunions is the scrapbooking table. This is where family members can sit down with a bunch of supplies and work on their own family scrapbooks. A great way to organize this is by letting everyone know about the project in advance by putting a notice in the invitation to the family reunion. Ask family members to bring along certain supplies such as markers, glue sticks, scissors, pictures and other embellishments. You would not believe how much fun your family members can have while they are sitting at the table working on their family reunion scrapbooks.

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