How to Put the Pieces Together for Your Next Scrapbook Session

Scrapbooking is a fun and productive hobby that involves bringing together memorabilia from events in your life and puting them into easy to view memories. Scrapbooking is often done in groups, as people enjoy gathering with friends and family for their creative pursuits so that they can share stories and learn from one another. Scrapbooking can be as easy or complicated as the scrapbooking person would like to make it. However, it is recommended that if you have never created a scrapbook before, you make an effort to try. Here are some tips to get your started:

The Book

Scrapbooking is generally done when there is a theme, such as a vacation or event in one's life. Take photos from the occasion and any other memorabilia and look them over. Next, decide what the book should look like. Will it be large? Will it be square of rectangular? How thick does it need to be? Will it have protective sheets to cover the pages? The book is the first and most important purchase that you will make because it will hold the rest of your scrapbook together.

The Theme

Next, focus on that theme that you selected. Make sure all of the photos that you want to include in the scrapbook fall along that theme. Is the theme race-cars? If so, then you may want to purchase paper and shapes that are in race-car colors and shapes. You may also want to looking for special scrapbooking stickers and borders in your theme. There are scrapbooking themed items for just about any theme you could need. Look around at your local arts and crafts store for some helpful direction.

The Presentation

The presentation of your scrapbook involves the lay-out and the text. Basically, you should have a rough goal in mind when you create your scrapbook for what the end product will look like. Do you want your scrapbook to be filled with photos? Would you like to have a lot of room for photo descriptions? Make sure that your presentation is well planned on each individual page. Once you begin scrapbooking, the planning will get easier and you will learn tricks to keep things consistent. For now, start with a basic lay-out and work your way up.

Scrapbooking is an enjoyable pastime that benefits friends, loved ones and future generations by preserving memories and stories. When you begin the process of scrapbooking, keep in mind that starting simple is the best way to stay curious and interested. Once you become more advanced at scrapbooking, you may do more complicated designs and incorporate more themes and cut-outs. There are also classes available to help you in your scrapbooking efforts, so be sure to look around for some in your area!

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