Truck Drivers

Navigate the Roads as a Truck Driver

Truck drivers are an integral part of American road culture. Their massive trucks transport tons of products from region to region every single day, servicing the entire country with the safe disposal of services. Sixteen wheelers cruising highways at steady speeds alongside regular sized vehicles is a thing of beauty. With the addition of truck drivers into the road mix, you are guaranteed an experienced commander in control of an otherwise complex machine.

Becoming a truck driver comes with many bells and whistles. For starters, truck drivers enjoy starting salaries of $35,000 or more out of their first year. With a couple of years, a truck driver’s salary may increase exponentially from $40,000 to $45,000 all the way up to $60,000 depending on cargo, distance driven, tenure, and the company they work for. That is not to mention seasoned drivers who own their own trucks that earn upwards of $100,000 a year with the same workload. In a profession that does not require a college degree, $100,000 is not bad in a few years time.

Truck drivers enjoy intangible benefits most of us cannot receive. They get the chance to navigate and explore the topography of our country, visiting countless states as they transport their products. With the potential to see the Grand Canyon and scenic California in a day’s work, it is easy to see why truck drivers have a well respected and admirable profession. Another perk of truck driving is the sheer importance of it. Close to 80% of the country’s total products are delivered by truck to an infinite number of retail stores and factories. Whether it’s that asthma medicine or that 6 pack of Coca Cola resting in your refrigerator, there is a good chance of it having sent to your local store by truck.

Truck driver’s do not enjoy the easier job in the world. Much time is spent away from home, although there is flexibility when it comes to job selection. Many truck drivers enjoy weekends off, although they are noted for not having the same pay as long distance, multiple day truck jobs. If you think the truck driver life suits your income requirements, your personal preference, and desire – visit the Google search engine and look for a truck driving school in your area. They are located in virtually every part of the country for your convenience.

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