4x4 Trucks

Navigate the Off-Roads with 4X4 Trucks

4x4 trucks, also known as four wheel drives, have a long and illustrious history. With the first road tractor being built in 1898, Dodge decided to try their hand into the 4x4 truck realm by introducing their first line of vehicles in 1934. The auto manufacturers that soon followed were Ford with its F Series and Chevy in 1957. Today, it is a preferred vehicle amongst car enthusiasts and a beacon for powerful riding in today’s era.

For starters, a four wheel drive system is different from a standard truck (appearances can be similar) in that engine power is distributed to all four tires equally. This serves the purpose of providing as much traction to the tires on hard terrain as possible. This is done through a gearbox, which sits right behind the 4x4 engines and transmission systems. It is responsible for sending torque to both front and rear axles through drive shafts. Many 4x4 trucks only send half the total torque to the front and to the back. The coin phrase “all wheel drive” means torque can be calculated and distributed to both front and rear tires through an internal differential. It does not really mean equal torque is contained on both front and rear.

Driving (or commanding to the enthusiasts) 4x4 trucks requires a little bit of skill and confidence. To begin learning how to drive one, it’s important to start easy. This means locating a dirt road near your home and bringing a friend with you in case of an emergency. Often times, driving a 4x4 truck is all about driving around obstacles rather than running over them. Locate a spot where they are plenty of ruts, hills, and gravel so you can get a taste of how your truck works. Shift your 4x4 trucks transfer case into 4-Lo for the most powerful traction and drive at low speeds to reduce throttle or brake use. Always drive slowly and pick the smoothest route you can take along the road. Your tire should be placed exactly where you believe the best grip can take place on the surface of the road. Driving off-road is al about picking the smoothest path you can find to travel on, which makes driving seem like adding pieces to a puzzle.

Look to driving a 4x4 truck today to witness the power many enthusiasts have been participating in for years now. It is a strategic form of driving along off-roads that teach power, confidence, and how to navigate tough roads best.

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