Moving Trucks

The Skinny on Moving Truck Companies

Moving trucks are the soldiers of the road. With them, they pack plenty of firepower in the form of furniture, televisions, books, and other valuable household possessions for transport from one home to another. As we all know, moving trucks are the bread and butter of moving companies. Moving trucks with huge storage capacity have the capability of moving 1/3 of an entire home from city to city or state to state within a short period of time.

Moving to a new home is nearly impossible without the use of rental moving trucks. Nowadays, renting a moving truck to transport your belongings from Point A to Point B costs only a few bucks an hour. Rental service companies are known for providing rental moving trucks that turn the relocation process into an easy situation. Listed in the phone books are countless moving truck companies and their contact information. With established companies come a diverse fleet of different moving trucks suiting different needs. How do you go about selecting the right moving truck?

The fleets of various moving truck companies hold different sized trucks according to their capacity and mileage. Different moving trucks specialize with different distances and possessions. Before selecting a moving truck, determine how much space you’ll need and how much you’re transporting. A rule of thumb is to choose the biggest moving truck available with the widest storage capacity that will meet the demands of your transported items.

Before sacrificing your antiques to the mercy of a moving truck, it is a good idea to conduct an inspection. Make sure that movers are familiar with all handling requirements and where to apply tape to which items. Keep an eye on the moving trucks’ doors, locks and tires for potential blowout. In addition, make sure storage space is not disrupted by items already in it. When a moving truck company says you’ll be receiving 10” by 10” worth of cargo space, make sure it isn’t 8” by 8” because of their added junk.

Finally, look for the best deals on moving trucks and companies. One company may beat another company located within the same region in virtually every price category. Check out the insurance policies offered and try to grab ahold of a price chart along with the mileage offered. By reserving your moving truck a couple of days earlier, you are eligible for more truck options. By performing due diligence now on a moving truck company, you are best equipped for safe transport of your family heirlooms tomorrow.

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