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Wheelin' and Dealin' with Truck Dealers

Trucks are the soldiers of the road. Its cargo holding prowess coupled with its sleek appearance makes for a powerful and smooth ride. Today, many consumers are waiting on line to buy a new truck from the likes of truck dealers. Unfortunately, not all of them are informed on when the right time it is to visit a truck dealer.

To start, there are seasons for purchases from truck dealers. During the year, there are two hot times for purchasing a truck, and that is towards the end of December and from July to October. Around Christmas time, everyone is buying less expensive gifts for their families, leaving truck dealers with less customers which forces the to slash prices and try to break end of year sales records. The July to October period is a good time to purchase from truck dealers because this is the time they try to clear inventory to make room for newer truck models. Truck factories can provide dealers with plenty of incentives to sell during this period as well.

When haggling with truck dealers, it is important to do your research. There may be one or two dealer incentives available for you if you ask. Always know the current sales value of your truck by consulting with the Kelly Blue Book, the industry handbook that provides value figures on all vehicles. Never go into a truck dealership without having an idea of the sales value of your car. You might sacrifice an extra thousand dollars if you do. Often times, truck dealers prey on misinformed consumers that have no idea of their credit scores and offer excessive interest rates on dealer based auto loan financing.

If you’re considering taking out a truck loan before visiting your truck dealer, always compare rates from different lenders online. Remember, truck dealers may offer loans with outstanding interest rates to finance your truck. Check out financing choices like E-Loan. After you’ve been approved, you will receive your money and already know your interest rate before visiting the truck dealer. Use your low interest rates to come up with new terms with your truck dealer on his own financing. Remember, truck dealers shouldn’t know your credit score better than you do.

As you can see, there are various things to be taken into consideration when visiting truck dealers. Always stay informed and know the best times for visiting truck dealers for the best prices. It’s not only a matter of taking a Saturday afternoon off to visit the dealer. This time, you must pack plenty of firepower in the form of knowledge to get the best deal on a truck you can have.

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