Truck Accessories

Finding the Right Truck Accessories

Some people buy pickup trucks primarily for their looks, although they come with a big advantage over cars: you can carry lots of stuff in the back without worrying about destroying your interior. This makes them great for anyone who has to haul things, either for work or for hobbies and leisure-time activities, but there's one thing you'll always have to worry about when you own a truck. Sooner or later, someone's going to ask you to help them move.

But back to the trucks themselves. Most come in a basic model, allowing you to dress them up however you like -- which means your new truck is ripe for various truck accessories. Which truck accessories you need will vary, of course, according to how you use your truck. If you're doing a lot of off-road driving, installing a roll bar might be a good idea (since most auto fatalities are caused by rollovers). Mud-flaps would also be good. You can hardly ever go wrong with one of those big tool-boxes that extend across the back of your truck, just behind the cab, because it's handy to have tools and a jack on you if something goes south. Also, it never hurts to have a bed-liner, to keep your truck's bed from getting too scratched up during your adventures.

Completely covered

Other protective truck accessories include bed covers, which are becoming increasingly popular. Bed covers can range from simple tarpaulin-style covers that snap on, to rigid caps that require a rail system to be installed first. Generally, they're easy to install, but if you can't do it your dealership will be happy to do so, for a reasonable fee.

Lighting kits are also popular truck accessories. They can either augment your existing lights, or even replace them; for example, some manufacturers offer special headlights that allow your high beams to swivel a bit, so that you're not driving blind while coming around sharp corners. If you life in the country, this can be a significant factor if you don't want Bambi suddenly sharing the cab with you.

What'll they think of next?

Well, there are billet grills -- specialty truck accessories that replace your normal front grill. These are tailored to the make and model of your truck, and may swap the old grill grid for a pattern of flames, razor blades, or round holes. Some of 'em look pretty cool.

On the other hand, you may want to stick to necessities when it comes to truck accessories, which is why there are plenty of winches, trailer hitches, and nerf bars available (a nerf bar is a kind of step to help you get up into your truck). Tailgate caps, roof racks, and spoilers are plentiful if you think you need them; but be aware that they can be kind of expensive. Heck, there are even car bras made special for your truck, just in case you feel the need to lift and separate those headlights.

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