Healthy Dog

Making Sure You Have a Healthy Dog

Here is some advice on how to keep your dog healthy and signs to watch out for that may mean he is unwell.

Firstly and most importantly, make sure you dog has all his vaccinations and that they are kept up to date. This is vital in ensuring that your beloved pet does not fall victim to the canine killers. Heart worm prevention is a must. There are various ways to prevent heartworm and your vet will advise you of the best form for you pet. Always treat your dog for fleas and ticks, whilst the flea is a pest and make your dog scratch, ticks can be deadly.

Remember the old myth about if your dog had a cold wet nose he was healthy? Well, myth is about the right word for it. Although it may be a good sign it is often an unreliable method of assessing your dogs health. Healthy dogs can have a dry, hot nose and sick dogs can have wet cold noses.

Wet noses can be a sign of anything that increases tear duct production and tears run down onto the nose, a good level of hydration or an allergy. A dry nose can be caused by dehydration, thickening of the skin around the nose or an allergy Yes Fido can get allergies. Often it is the same culprits as humans that cause allergies in dogs namely types of food, fleas, house dust and some plants. Most often they don’t sneeze or get itchy eyes like us but they need to scratch and lick and this can cause longer last effects like skin infections and hair loss. Often a change of diet, flea protection and cleaning of the dogs area will help make a healthy dog. If the problems persist your vet will work with you to find a solution to the problem.

Basically a healthy dog will have bright eyes, pink gums and a shiny coat. He will have plenty of energy and always ready for a walk. Be aware of any changes to your dog and contact your vet if your dog displays any unusual symptoms such as: abnormal discharges, loss of appetite, excessive water consumption, abnormal behavior such as viciousness or no energy, any limping or trouble getting up, any limps, excessive scratching or licking, dull coat, sores or hair loss or foul breath. These can be symptoms of serious problems and it is wise to have a vet look at your dog. Dogs can be affected by many of the diseases that we humans get like arthritis, cancer, diabetes and epilepsy.

Remember it is your responsibility to ensure you have a healthy dog, should he become ill it is up to you to make sure a vet is consulted.

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