Dogs for Sale

Do you Have Dogs for Sale?

So you have decided to buy a dog. Ask yourself, “am I ready to own a dog?” Before you rush out to the first place you see a dogs for sale sign you need to know which breed of dog to buy. If there is a dog that you buy that says it is a purebred, please ask the seller for proof before purchasing as there will be no papers for that and you are out of luck.

There are many different breeds and the come in all shapes and sizes, temperaments and needs. Larger dogs need space; they require lots of exercise, as does medium sized hunting or working dogs. Although still needing to be walked and a certain amount of exercise smaller dogs fair quite well in apartments. But how about their coat, remember the longer the coat the more time you need to spend brushing and grooming. Keep in mind that dogs shed hair so if Fido is to be inside expect extra vacuuming duties.

A purebred dog is just that pure bred; both parents are the same breed as were their parents and so on. These dogs have a pedigree, a certificate just like a family tree. Mostly these dogs were mated on purpose to produce a litter of pups of good quality. Then there is the crossbreed, one parent one bred the other a different breed altogether, sometimes each parent is a combination of several breeds. The crossbreeds are usually not mated on purpose, it is a case of “oops, Fido jumped the fence”. Very common now is the designer dog. A deliberate mating of two different breeds to produce puppies. This is not a recent thing, it goes back many years and is responsible for some of the “purebreds” we have today but the practice resurfaced for a number of reasons. One very valid reason is allergies. Many people wanted a certain dog such as the Labrador but found they were allergic to the coat, it was found that the silkier hair of a poodle did not affect people as it does not shed its coat so much hence the Labradoodle. This caught on and many designer breeds are now available.

Once you have decided on the size and coat of the dog, it is wise to think about the nature of the dog. Will this breed be good with children, companions, watch dog, guard dog, will this dog be good with other animals.

Dogs for sale signs can be in front of a breeder’s house, nailed to a tree or in a pet shop window. You can also look up breeders in the phone book, contact the local kennel clubs or use the internet. There are dozens of sites for dogs for sale.

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