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Using Clicker Dog Training for Dog Obediance

Did you know that you can teach your dog to do amazing tricks, run and jump, do short turns and obey your commands without having to hit or yell at the dog repeatedly? Click training is a system that is built entirely on positive reinforcement and is built complete around you and your dog having a good time. If the system is implemented well it will show your dog how much you love him and care about him.

For example, let's take the situation where you are walking your dog along the footpath. Instead of yanking on a leash to make your dog stop, or pulling on his leash or shoving him into a spot to make him sit, or instead of giving your dog some occasional praise and hoping that your dog is just going to get to eventually understand what you're talking about, with the Clicker Training method, dogs are taught to obey commands using scientific principles that have worked consistently over time - a clicker.

Every dog owner wants their dog to be responsive and to obey commands, but we certainly don't want to hurt or harm our animals in any way. By using the un-invasive click and bridge commands you will never need to yell at your dog, hence there will be no negativity in your dog's environment.

The first thing you will need to clicker training is a clicker. A clicker is just a little box like device that makes a clicking sound each time you press a button. Clickers are really cheap and only cost about a dollar from your local pet store. They are usually widely available but if you can't find one you can substitute the clicker for a bridge word. A bridge word is a word that you say every time you're about to initiate a command or reward your dog.

The ideal bridge word will be short, and said in a high pitched voice. The word "yes" is an excellent bridge word, as is the word "good." A bridge word should be said in a higher pitch than normal conversational words and said fast so that it is recognizable every time.

When you use positive reinforcement's like clickers and bridge words and combine them with rewards and when you do this over and over again, you will find that you don't need to force your dog to learn anything. Rather, your dog will be eager to work with you and obey you. It is best to use tasty treats for your dog's rewards; because they are easy to use and your dog will love them.

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