Free Dogs

Free Dogs: Ask Yourself Why is the Dog Free?

In the case of puppies find out why they are being given away. Are they ill, is there some kind of problem or are the owners just happy to be rid of them. It is important to be sure you are taking home a healthy puppy. Most people would want a minimal charge to cover costs at least. You can be sure that if they are free the have not been immunized at all so that should be one of the first things you will have to do.

Obviously, with free dogs, they will not be purebred and it is important to find out what breeds the father was as well as the mother. It will help in determining not only the size you dog may end up but also give you an insight into the possible nature and characteristics of the dog as he grows.

In the older dog you should be even more wary. Why does a pet owner suddenly want to give away a free dog? Most people will tell you they are moving and can’t take the dog and in many cases this may be true but try to spend a little time with the dog before you agree to take him home. Does he bark a lot, shy away from people? Also, look around the property, are there holes in the yard or spots where it is obvious they holes have been filed in? What about furniture? Are there makes on lounges and chairs where they have been chewed? Any torn fabric around the yard? I once heard of a dog who was easy to train, toilet trained, obedience trained, would sit out side a shop and wait for his master and when walking would stop at the kerb and wait to be told to cross. From the outside this was a great dog, but he had a bad habit that no amount of training or retraining could fix, he loved to dig holes and his master had tried everything. Being in rented accommodation they decided to give Fido away. A lady from the country said she would take him, he will have plenty of room to run and play and may give up digging. The last I heard he had demolished a prize winning rose garden!

Having a dog is a commitment and taking on a dog that has behavior problems is not a good start. Try discretely checking with the neighbors to see if you can find out a little more about this free dog.

As an older dog he may fret for while, remember he has been taken away from his master who probably got him as a pup. Give him plenty of attention, good food and somewhere comfortable to sleep. Plenty of patting and praise whilst letting him no his boundaries is the order of the day. Winning his trust and confidence may take a little time.

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