Dog Supplies

Dog Supplies are Essential for Growth

Purchasing your new dog is only the beginning, dog supplies can be a big expense for the fastidious dog owner. You should, however, be keenly aware of what kind of supplies that you should get for your dog.  These supplies are going to be different as your dog becomes older.

Firstly there has to be somewhere for your dog to sleep. If buying a puppy you will want something small and snug so he feels less lost in the early days away from his mother and siblings. Then, depending on the breed of dog you may need to buy a bigger bed as he grows, if your dog is going to live outside you will need a kennel that will keep out the elements. There is also an assortment of blankets and rugs.

Again, as a puppy bowls for and water need to be small but increased as the amount of food needed increases. These bowls can be plastic; puppies love to chew plastic bowls, metal or ceramic. Then there are collars and leads. Puppies need a soft collar and lead to get used to the feeling then again depending on the breed larger ones will need to be purchased as your pup grows. Also some are better for training purposes.

Toys are also purchased as dog supplies, rubber bones, balls, balls that rattle, ropes for tug o war, soft toys as well. These are made especially for your dog and will not be destroyed as easily as tennis balls etc.

Flea collars, dog shampoo and coat treatments, medications such as heart worm tablets, tapeworm treatments, dog vitamins and assorted tablets are all purchased as dog supplies. Then of course there are doggy treats, beef chews, hide, porky bits you name it they have for Fido. Dog food in small cans, large cans, plastic bags, frozen food, fresh meat. Dry food in bulk or small packets. Dog Supplies are big business there are now car seats and restraints for your dog whilst traveling to insure their safety.

Now for the pampered pooch there is an assortment of “Clothing”. Coats of all sizes and quality. Warm woollen coats, fancy coats studded with diamantes or adorned with pompoms. There are rain coats and rain boots, even little rain hats. Leather jackets and knitted coats. Not to mention doggy beauty parlors where your dog can be washed, dried, combed have ribbons in their hair and nails painted. Some even go in for a color!

For those a little more interested in obedience training, there are a number of props you can get as dog supplies such as hoops, jumps and a number of obstacles.

What ever dog supplies you need chances are you can find it at one of your local outlets.

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