Wireless Network

Wireless Networks are the Future of Networking

A wireless network consists of more than one computer communicating without being wired together. A wireless network makes file sharing and internet connectivity sharing much easier and more practical than ever before.

There are two kinds of wireless network. The first one is basically peer-to-peer sharing that is done by using special network interface cards or software. Although this kind of networking works very well it is limited in its use and means that you cannot connect to any wired machines to access LAN-based file servers or internet connections. In order to be able to connect to those you need the second kind of wireless network whereby a "bridge" is created from the wireless computer to the wired connection either through hardware or some kind of special LAN software. Hardware can work for this quite well, but acquiring the hardware means buying more pieces for your computer and then installing them. It also means that you are limited in your flexibility. Whereas if you install a software bridge you can access many more forms of connectivity depending on the number of slots your computer has.

Wireless networks are wonderful because they make networking so much less complicated and neater. However, they have their downside in making your network more vulnerable to attacks. In order to protect your network you will have to install some form of security. Whether you use a firewall, a software package, an Intruder Detection System or an auditing system, it is very important to protect your network from unwanted users, viruses and worms.

Wireless networks give us the possibility of technology without restraint. They give us the ultimate in mobility. With such freedom to roam and still be connected we can effectively increase the efficiency with which we do business and also create a world in which we can always stay in touch no matter where we are or what we are doing. Wireless technology is the way of the future and we are on the cusp of a brave new world in which computing will be how we conduct everything in our daily lives - from work, to play and everything in between computing will be the driving force behind all that we do; and wireless technology is what will make that happen.

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