Network Security

Safeguarding Your PC with Good Network Security

The minute you have more than one computer networked together you must immediately think about network security. In fact, the minute you are plugged into the internet you must start thinking about security. Security is of utmost importance if you want to keep hackers out and only give access to those who are authorized to view your computer's files. Although many home users do not think that such things apply to them, they are among the most vulnerable precisely because they do not protect themselves from those who make their living by invading the virtual privacy of private individuals. What can be at stake are all of your banking records, pin codes and other financial and personal information that thieves use in identity theft and fraud.

For home networks there are two basic security measures that can be used to safeguard your computers - a software firewall or a network firewall. A firewall is basically a system that controls the access to your computer. A software firewall is effective for safeguarding an individual computer, but the moment you have more than one computer to think about then you must use a network firewall. Network firewalls are generally dedicated devices such as routers that protect two or more networked computers. Firewalls are easy to use and do not really interfere with your day-to-day computer activity. Both forms of firewall give you the option of selecting user accessibility. In fact, most private-use firewalls come with preset options that can be customized by the user.

Another effective way of getting security for your network connection is by having good antivirus software installed on your computer. Every computer should have its own software to protect against viruses and attacks. There are so many viruses roaming the internet that it is highly probably that without adequate antivirus protection your computer will be vulnerable to one or more viruses or worms that can do everything from wipe-out your hardrive to deleting essential files. The internet has provided us with a fantastic resource at the touch of our fingertips, however, to use it properly and safely it is very important to secure your network connection and computer with solid defences. Installing a recent antivirus and a firewall will protect your computer from unwanted attacks.

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