Network Monitors

The Job of a Network Monitor

Network monitors are those who take care of a network to make sure that everything is functioning properly and securely. Security monitors analyse indications and look for warnings that something or someone might be trying to breach the network security or harm the system. There are many tools used for this task with highly sophisticated software being the most common.

If you are a network monitor then you already know that monitoring a network takes patience and diligence. Not only must network monitors peruse all the users on the system but they must make sure that those users are behaving as they should. The software used in network monitoring gives analysts a hand by allowing them to remotely track users, to browse file systems, to be a remote computer viewer, to remote security audit, to monitor email, to check the websites visited, to check files and documents viewed, to see what internet connections were made, to see what windows are open and to monitor email coming in and going out - among many other things.

If you have a home computer network, then you do not need a network monitoring system. These systems are used by the computer administrators in companies to keep track of what people are doing and to keep the system running smoothly. Before network monitoring became a field unto itself many companies were running into problems with lost productivity as employees surfed the web, viruses destroyed important files and systems kept crashing. Today those things are mostly in the past as administrators can keep a tab on what employees are doing with their computers, where and for how long they surf and exactly what they are doing on their computers at any given time. Although it may seem Orwellian these protocols have actually increased productivity and created networks that are more stable and manageable than they ever were in the past.

So, if you want to keep track of your network then getting yourself the right software for your needs is a step in the right direction. Depending on the functions that you need the software to perform and the complexity of your network you will definitely find a program that answers to your requirements.

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