Remote Access

When to Set Up Remote Access to Your Computer

Remote access refers to the act of gaining entry into a computer when not actually sitting at that particular terminal. It can be done by hackers, crackers and virtual attacks by viruses and worms. It can also be accomplished by legitimate users who have been given remote access to a particular site or terminal. It can also be done by network administrators; and today, it can be done by anyone who has the right software.

In order to have remote access to your computer terminal you must configure your computer to accept remote users. If you are going to allow remote users to your pc then it is highly recommended that you also have a good firewall or security software to protect your terminal from unwanted intruders. Remote access is fantastic for people on the go; people who travel frequently and who need to access their files from wherever they might find themselves. Another big segment of remote access users are people who telecommute and need to access their work files from their home computers or laptops. Having remote access to your personal computer can be a lifesaver if ever your laptop crashes or loses power and you need to immediately access your main computer files. It is also very useful if you forget the files you need at home and need them in order to complete your work. Whatever the reason if you do need to have remote access to your home computer then you must first get the right software and set yourself up so that you can use it properly.

There are many extremely powerful and efficient programs available to people who need to set up remote access accounts on their computers. By downloading or buying and then installing these software applications on your personal computer you will then be able to use the remote access capabilities. Depending on what you will need the program to do, you can find software that will not only allow you to access your computer remotely but to also manage your files and share them with others. Generally such complex and sophisticated remote access programs require you to pay a monthly service fee for the convenience that they provide. Otherwise, a basic remote access program should suffice.

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