Veterinary Assistant Jobs

About Becoming a Veterinary Assistant

If you have a genuine interest for the care and welfare of animals and their well being, then a career as a veterinary assistant might well be just the role you have been searching for. A veterinary assistant is the specialist professional who assists the veterinarian and veterinary technician in caring for animals during times of illness or in an attempt to prevent illness. Veterinary assistants play an absolutely critical role in ensuring that the veterinary hospital runs smoothly as there is much behind the scenes work that occurs within the hospital in order to deliver high quality health care to the animals in their charge.

The main duties of veterinary assistant jobs are holding animals for the vet when he or she is conducting treatments and tests; front office support including admitting patient animals for treatment and tests; checking out animal patients in some cases; educating the public on basic animal health and welfare issues; collecting and processing laboratory samples including preparation of reports after analysis by the vet; administering medicines under the direction of the vet; and maintaining a clean practice for the animal patients.

Veterinary assistants are able to undertake studies in a certificate based non-degree program in an effort to be more knowledgeable in their role within the veterinary profession. It is important to note of course that this is not mandatory. With a specific program of education and training, graduates of a certificate based veterinary program enter the workplace with knowledge of the veterinary field and knowledge of how their role engages with a veterinary practice. Such education may be helpful when looking for veterinary assistant jobs

Veterinary assistants assist veterinarians, educate the public, and contribute to better care of pets both in and outside the hospital. Their role is an ever-expanding one and at the point at which they have some experience they can opt to undertake further studies to become a Registered Veterinary Technician or even a Veterinarian. It is not unusual for people to follow this career path and in fact many practices actively encourage the growth and develop of their employees.

Employment opportunities for veterinary assistants are expected to increase over the next 3-5 years as more and more people seek the services of professionals for the care and welfare of their animals. Considering too that there is also now plenty of encouragement to pursue the Veterinary sector as a serious career option, getting a Veterinary Assistant job is simply a path to ongoing career satisfaction.

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