Graphic Design Jobs

The Many Facets of the Graphic Design Profession

Graphic designers are highly skilled, highly professional communicators. However, unlike writers who use words, graphic designers use the visual medium to communicate messages. Graphic designers invariably work for clients who are seeking to communicate a particular message to their own clients. The designer spend time with the client finding out about the organization and their client groups and then find a way to most effectively communicate a message from one to the other. Designers tend to use a vast array of visual techniques to communicate these messages so that they stick in the minds of the clients long-term.

Graphic designers are versatile individuals – in fact, they are versatile because they have to be. In order to deliver on client requests they need to be well versed in a whole range of mediums including print, computer technology, other electronic media, and film.

You will find that graphic designers tend to use computer software to develop their ideas, although some "old school" designers still like to generate ideas through brainstorming using paper and pens.

The work of a designer can be seen just about anywhere - magazines, newspapers, wine bottles, billboards, t-shirts, tins of food and just about any other item you care to name that features some sort of branding or message.

These days of course, graphic design jobs also encompass the design of their clients internet web site. This is a specialist skill all unto itself, as you need to follow a very strict formula to deliver a message on the web.

To be successful in graphic design jobs, you need to be creative and love to generate new visual concepts that inspire and engage the people around you. You need to love the use of shapes, colors, lines and be able to mix these together in a way the people understand.

When you get a graphic design job, what can you expect from an employer who engages your services? Essentially your job description will be quite narrow and focused but you will need to be able to be flexible and adaptable according to the tasks you are given. Some designers are asked to do everything from create a new look for the web site to arranging a birthday card for a colleagues birthday. In any event, you still get to deliver using your finely tuned sense of creativity.

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