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Want to Become a Home Appraiser?

A home appraiser is a professionally trained practitioner who is able to confirm for you the value of your home. Usually a home appraiser will arrange a time to visit your home and take a good look around the home in your presence. During this visit, the home appraiser will make a comprehensive list of the key and minor features of your home including items such as a fireplace, front and rear porch or balcony, swimming pool, spa or sauna, and garage or roof-only carport.

The appraisers job is to sight and detail all of these features and then compare your home with other recently sold homes in your area, ideally with homes that have contained similar items and features. It is on this basis that he then makes his assessment and delivers you a final appraisal.

While real estate property appraisers are the most common type of appraisers, appraisers may also choose to specialize in other appraising disciplines such as personal property appraisers, business valuation appraisers, and mass appraisers.

Personal property appraisers assess and value different types of personal property including items like the fine and decorative arts, antiques and collectibles, gems, precious and semi precious stones and other jewelry including gold and silver, and significant machinery and equipment.

Business Valuation appraisers assess the value of business. They do this be reviewing and detailing the tangible and intangible assets of the business. These assets can include but are not limited to the value of the equipment, the value of the business name or logo and the value of the customer base.

Mass Appraisers value multiple types of real property or personal property to come up with a company or individuals total value. This is often used for insurance purposes.

To be an effective and in demand home appraiser, you need to have some specialist skills. Essentially you must have a good analytical mind and be comfortable working with numbers on a daily basis. You also require social skills and be able to talk with people, ask questions and convey information articulately. You will also need to be able to read and write effectively, as generating reports from your findings is a key component of the home appraiser job.

To get home appraiser jobs you need to conduct some formal training, then conduct practical work experience and then apply for your appraiser certification. Having this certification is a sure way to obtain and retain clients for long term success, and will help you in your search for home appraiser jobs.

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