TiVo Makes Your Entertainment That Much Better

If you are new to the world of digital video recorders then you can be forgiven for not knowing that a TiVo is a personal video recorder. What that means is that it is a stand-alone unit that records programs to an internal hard drive meaning that you no longer have to have blank video cassettes on hand to record your favorite shows. However, recording television shows is not the only practical feature of having a TiVo, these superb units also have an instant replay that will rewind the last eight seconds if you had to get up to answer the phone or do something else. They allow you to watch the start of a program while it is still being recorded and they allow you to pause a show in the middle of it and pick it up when you have the time.

TiVo is a brand new way of watching television. It gives you the power instead of the broadcaster. Although TiVo is not new, neither is it a very old technology. Cable outfits and satellite companies are pushing the merits of direct TV and TiVo, however, it is something that has yet to fire the popular imagination. This is probably mainly due to the fact that people are unaware of the benefits of the technology and are afraid to try something new. Those who are already users of TiVo have only good things to say about it and have all become very loyal proponents of the technology. It will take some time before TiVo catches the imaginations of the nation as a whole; but when it does it is sure to take off with a bullet.

Satellite and cable television have opened up brand new vistas of viewing experience and made possible features that were unimaginable when television first came out. With our ever-increasing innovations and new technologies, we will soon have true television on demand where you will be able to select your programming instead of having to choose from a pre scheduled list of shows. You will be able to choose movies to watch from the comfort of you home, download them and watch them as often as you wish for a fee. The possibilities with theses new technologies are limitless and we are only just beginning to discover their potential.

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