Dish Network

Say Good-bye to the Old and Hello to Dish Network

Much like the TiVo the Dish Network is a personal video recorder that is used with a direcTV hook up. These fantastic boxes replace the need for your VCR and allow you to control the programming you watch, when you want to watch it. The best part of the Dish Network is the price. Whereas big names such as TiVo can cost lots of money, the Dish Network offers the same features and advantages at a fraction of the cost.

For those of you unfamiliar with either TiVo or Dish Network, they are digital video recorders that give you the ultimate flexibility when it comes to television watching and recording. They take your television viewing experience to new heights and give you the power to control your own viewing decisions instead of giving the power to the broadcasters. How? Well, a digital video recorder records a television signal directly from the satellite or cable hook-up and stores it on an internal hard drive. These digital video recorders such as Dish Network give you the ability to watch the beginning of a show while it is still recording. They allow you to pause a show and pick it up again when you have more time. They allow you to rewind a live broadcast and they can have up to one hundred and forty hours of recordable time. They also have features similar to those on a VCR such as offering different record qualities and fast forwarding through commercials.

Although the Dish Network and other digital video recorder systems have not really caught on with the mass public, those who are subscribers of the new technology swear by it. They are more than satisfied and have a whole online community of very happy customers. As the Dish Network and other forms of digital video recorders catch on, we will slowly begin to embrace the convenience, ease of use and power that these new technologies give us. Once we all have access to television on demand we will not be able to imagine a time without it and will wonder what took us so long to finally jump on the band wagon.

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