Make the Switch to DVR

DVR stands for digital video recorder. This innovative and new technology is being pushed by cable companies as a revolutionary new way of watching television. Using a DVR you can tape whatever program you want to watch at a later time. They effectively replace the need for a VCR and make it so much easier to record and playback your favorite programs. Although it is taking a while for this new technology to catch on, those who do use it, cannot say enough good things about it.

Since a DVR records directly onto a hard drive the number of ways you can then manipulate the recording is far greater than the choices you have with a regular VCR. The signal from your cable or satellite is routed directly into your DVR unit allowing you the ability to record either live or scheduled programming with greater ease. In order to effectively use your DVR you need to subscribe to a monthly programming guide which costs a minimum amount of money. You can use your DVR is three different ways: with a network where you use servers to store your content and an access device to view it; a stand-alone unit - essentially a hard drive onto which the content is stored or through a regular personal computer after which the content is routed to a monitor.

The advantages that a DVR unit has over a regular VCR are fantastic. First of all, using a DVR permits you to view the start of a show that is currently being recorded. DVRs also permit you to rewind or pause a live program and you can manipulate television schedule information using an actor's name, inputting the genre, the time slot or a number of different options.

Some smart operating software packages, such as those from TiVo, are programmable so that the DVR will pick up on what you like and will record programming that fits the description of shows that match your tastes. Similar to a VCR, you can program a DVR to record using different qualities and you can fast forward through commercials. All this means that you get a much more personal viewing experience. It boils down to "television on demand".

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