Digital Video Recorder

Every Television Should Have a Digital Video Recorder

The digital revolution is upon us. Although most of us do not know it there have been some truly amazing advances in television technology over the last few years and the introduction of digital video recorders are one of the very best of those advances.

These incredible boxes virtually replace the need for VCRs. Hooked directly to your cable or satellite signal they record your favorite programs directly onto a hard drive that can store up to one hundred and forty hours of programming. These programs can be played back with ease. The best part about digital video recording technology is the fact that they give you so much flexibility and power. You can play the start of a show already being recorded even if the recording is still in progress. You can rewind a live broadcast and you can pause a program while it is being broadcast and finish watching whenever it is more convenient for you. This incredible flexibility means that you can live your life and watch your programming according to your schedule. You no longer have to be a slave to the programming schedule. You have the control to select the shows you want and watch them when you want.

The other great thing about digital video recorders is that you can program your favorite shows into them and they will then recognize those shows when they play and record them for you. They will also "learn" your favorite kind of programming and record shows that it "thinks" you will like. So, you will not even have to think about what to record yourself, these amazing video recorders will do all the work for you – all you will have to do is sit down and enjoy.

The most popular forms of digital video recorders on the market currently are TiVo and Dish Network. Both these personal video recorders do the same job and have the same fantastic features, except one has a more established name and has been around longer meaning that it costs more to use than the other one. If you are tired of having to miss your favorite shows because of scheduling changes and running out of blank videotapes then you are ready for this amazing new technology. After all, why not make your life easier?

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