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Interior Decorating Tips for All Homes

Interior decorating is both a business skill and an art form. Interior decorators need to have an almost unique ability to individualize a space according to the specific needs, tastes and styles of people with a broad range of requirements. This requires a great deal of imagination and knowledge of behalf of the interior decorator who must always come up with new and fresh ideas that can make or break a space.

Interior decorating can entail almost any type of home project from a full renovation to simply replacing smaller elements around the house for a new look. Most people who get involved with interior decorating do not desire a complete renovation, but rather are simply look for a new look for an old room or for fresh ideas that will be a perfect match for a blank space.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui an ancient Chinese philosophy often used in interior decorating and it often used in the construction of office buildings, art museums, shopping centers, and city parks, not to mention, personal office spaces, and the exterior and interior of homes.

It involves the arrangement and coloring of a particular space in such a way that it will contribute to the overall health, peace and success of the inhabitants. While feng shui is considered by some to be a little too philosophical to apply to interior decorating, the basic elements of the practice do have a measure of validity. It is important that ideas and themes in the space coordinate. It may not necessarily bring any religious benefits; however, it will bring a sense of balance to the weight of the room when looked at by the eyes of those who will use it.


Interior decorating can apply to any space inside of four walls and should always reflect the needs and the tastes of the inhabitants. For example, an office board room would be inappropriately decorated with heavy floral arrangements, large, gilded pictures and a fluffy carpet. More suitable would be the neutral tones and clean lines that can accommodate any need that will arise during the course of business day.

While some rooms require versatility, others call for a more specific look and feel such as a baby’s room, a kitchen or a formal dining room. Interior decorators should take into consideration what the space will be primarily used for and design a look and feel based on that criteria.

If you are an interior decorating professional, it is a good idea to have a number of different ideas available for a client who is looking style a space through interior decorating. Many times a client will want more than one idea to choose from and interior decorators should spend time designing those options complete with textiles and furniture and color schemes. Some of the places interior decorating ideas can be found is from historical themes, magazines and even television shows. The most important thing to remember is to design for the needs and tastes of the individual and their space.

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