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Home Decorating for an Enhanced Lifestyle

A home is where the heart is. It is a place where you celebrate with family, where you come to terms with circumstances, and where you learn a lot about yourself. In a way your home is a sacred space and must be treated with respect. By decorating your home, you are ushering in a whole lot of positive energy. Always make sure that you live in a clutter-free environment. Make sure that home decorating is a family activity and not restricted to a single person’s duty. If it is treated as a creative exercise it becomes a great way of personalizing your space.

Home Decorating with Color

The ideal way to spruce up the look of your home is by using color. By painting the walls imaginatively and applying alternate colors on the walls, you will energize your home. Blues, purples and neutral tones give your home a tranquil look. Using yang colors like orange, red and yellow helps light up your house. Brightly painted front doors give your home a cozy feel. If you live in a rented apartment and are unable to take liberties to paint the walls, you can opt for colorful sofas, add colorful fabric to the panels of windows, and use sunny happy curtains to make your home decorating exercise interesting.

Home Decorating and Being Innovative

Your home is the first place where you can put your innovative mind into action. Home decorating is a lot about creativity. If you are a good artist, frame your pencil sketches and oils. Create a family space by framing your favorite family photos and arranging them neatly. Cover your coffee table with interesting reading material. If you can afford to buy expensive curios once in a while, create authentic theme corners in your home. You do not have to be rich to do home decorating. Visiting the flee markets, thrift shops and super sales can sometimes help you find the ideal curio.

Combining Travel With Home Decorating Intent

Every time you go to an interesting place you will be tempted to pick up a good bargain. However impulsive buying often leaves you with a whole lot of unnecessary bargains. Before you make a purchase, decide where you will keep it. Is your home big enough for a new piece of furniture? Does it match your home space? When you travel to foreign countries, do not waste the opportunity to pick up interesting pieces. Take a lot of photographs of your travels and frame them. Home decorating is about expressing what you and your family are all about.

Mixing Various Styles While You are Home Decorating

It is alright to mix various styles while you are home decorating. The ancient mahogany cupboard can sit safely in your modern set up if you are a little innovative and hang a modern piece of artwork above it. Camouflage the irregularities of old paint by using the faux pas painting technique. By decoupage or using simple motifs on ugly furniture, you can give your home decorating a personal touch. By adding warm layers like rightly colored paisleys, you can soften an abstract sofa. Fill wooden bowls with fall leaves, pine cones and colorful gourds to give your home decorating exercise a festive feel.

Creating Harmony by Home Decorating

Using adequate lighting adds to the harmony of a home. Soft lighting with exotically shaped lamps and recess lighting gives the home a beautiful touch. Decorating the centre table with a flower filled center piece adds to the subdued mood. Embellish curtains with pom-pom fringes, rubber stamps and ribbons. Be consistent while you decorate and in places like the kitchen and fridge keep utilitarian needs first. Hide what is ugly and highlight the good things while you are home decorating. Make sure that the house is always clean; otherwise home decorating is a wasteful idea.

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