Bathroom Decorating

Tips for Successful Bathroom Decorating

Bathroom decorating is a craft in and of its own that involves taking a small space and designing it to be functional and pleasant. There are different kinds of bathrooms depending on the kind of preferences that you have and the kind of budget that you are willing to work with. The classic bathroom is formal with architectural details.

While you are bathroom decorating keep in mind that masculine bathrooms have more stone and mahogany features while feminine bathrooms are tiled and have more decorative fixtures. The modern bathroom is clutter-free and sleek with a lot of glass and chrome features. The country bathroom is casual and cozy and here bathroom decorating involves wooden flooring, bead board paneling, a pedestal sink and distressed features.

When You Should Get into Bathroom Decorating

Straight away if you have the budget! If you love to make modifications and have no hang ups on cost, get into your bathroom decorating exercise with gusto. More important, see whether your bathroom really needs any changes. If there are damages and the electronic equipments have expired, then do not hesitate to make changes. If the bath tub needs to be revamped, go ahead. There are many cheap options in the market. Consider all offers available before you get into bathroom decorating. Transform your personal space into a luxurious spa space at a reasonable budget.

Innovations While You are Bathroom Decorating

While you are bathroom decorating, you can spruce up your monotone bathroom with brightly colored towels. Use tomato cages as towel stands and tack up an unwanted garden trellis with brads in your bathroom. Fill colored paint cans with children’s towels. Use dramatic shower curtains to brighten up your otherwise boring bathroom. Other accessories like the waste can, boutique tissue holder, toothbrush holder, soap dish and lotion dispenser come in various designs and are affordable too. Mirrors are essential in the bathroom and to personalize bathroom space hanging an art piece is a good idea.

Bathroom Decorating Within a Budget

You do not have to be filthy rich to revamp your bathroom. If you have too little room in your bathroom, place cabinets over the toilet or the shower. Find classic tubs in the flee market. Stained glass paneling on a shoe string budget add elegance. Place an acrylic liner on your worn-out tub or resurface your bath tub by cleaning and prepping the surface at affordable rates. Tiles that can be glued and removed at will are also available in the market. Sometimes retiling the bathroom floor is enough to make a difference. Painting the walls also gives your bathroom decorating activity an edge.

Improve Your Bathroom Decorating Skills

Always be creative when you are bathroom decorating. Do your research before you begin bathroom decorating. What does your bathroom need? If it is a dull bathroom, a coat of paint will do a lot of good. Accessorizing also helps spruce up things. Always keep the bathroom dry. If you opt for the carpeted look make sure that you shampoo the carpet once a week Change the shower curtains with each season. Use bathroom mats and change them frequently. Clean the bathroom everyday to ensure that you maintain hygiene. Without cleanliness, bathroom decorating is futile.

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