Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Bedroom Decorating Ideas to Help Create Your Perfect Environment

Bedroom decorating involves creating an environment that is conducive to comforting sleep as well as a relaxing atmosphere. There are many decisions to make when thinking about decorating or redecorating a space with so much personal influence, such as a bedroom. For bedroom decorating ideas, start with some important questions that you must ask yourself (and your family) before beginning your bedroom decorating task. Among these questions are: What will change, what will stay the same? How big will the changes be? And what kind of budget are you working with?


A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a bedroom, even if it is a new coat of the same color. Over time walls can become dingy and yellowed from cigarette smoke, air pollution and even hair spray use. Freshening the walls with paint will instantly brighten the room. An even bigger change would be to repaint the bedroom in an entirely different color.

For the most dramatic effect, switch to a color on the opposite end of the what it already present. For example, if the walls are currently in pale tones, one idea would be to paint the room in a darker shade of the current color. Another would be to go in a completely different direction, such as switching from pale tones to warm tones or from light to dark or vice versa.

While dark paint will make a room seem smaller, a lighter shade will add the illusion of a larger space, but don’t discount dark shades altogether. Darker shades, such as deep reds, greens or golds can be used as accents on one wall of the bedroom, while keeping the other walls in a lighter, more neutral shade.


When looking for bedroom decorating ideas, think about textiles. Textiles are another way to quickly change the look of a room without blowing a budget. Pillows, blankets and even area rungs can be added to a bedroom space to bring a slight change or a dramatic one. Again, think about colors. Wild and darker shades will bring accents that will make a bedroom feel a little cozier and warmer while pale, neutral ones will bring a sense of serenity.

Patterns are also very important and speak volumes about the person who lives in the space. From plaids to flowers to stripes to solid colors, the patterns on pillows, blankets, sheets and rugs can bring a sense of movement to the room and should reflect the individuality of the person who inhabits it.

When thinking about textiles, choose colors in percentage increments. Have 60 percent of the room dedicated to the main color. Leave 30 percent to a secondary color and 10 percent to accent the room.

When looking for bedroom decorating ideas, a good place to begin is by looking at magazines and other decorating resources. For those who have a larger budget, talk to a professional decorator about what you’re looking for, what you’d like to spend and how far you want to take the project. It’s important that the bedroom reflect the tastes and personality of the individual and a good decorator will be able to deliver.

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