House Cleaning

The Importance of Regular House Cleaning

House cleaning a job that never ends. Part of approaching the job of house cleaning is to determine to do a thorough job. A dirty house can contribute the presence of a number of unpleasant elements in the air that can negatively affect the people living in the house and the areas around it. Allergens and bugs are just a few of the things that can negatively affect the members of a household.

Look Under It

House cleaning is easiest with a surface-only approach, which involves only cleaning the surfaces of your home. Countertops, tables, desks, carpet, sink and dishes are all commonly cleaned household items. However, many people tend to overlook the areas that are actually much more of a problem. Areas under rugs, beds, sinks, toilets, garbage lids and couches can present a major problem of harboring bacteria, dust mites, bugs and pet fur. These areas do not need to be cleaned on a daily basis, as dishes do, but should be checked at least once a week and cleaned. This can drastically reduces air borne allergens and can help household members to breath cleaner air.

Change it

Certain household items need to be replaced after a certain period of time – such as kitchen sponges and bed linens. Kitchen sponges are notorious for harboring bacteria and spreading throughout the house and to everyone who comes into contact with them. Bed linens, after being on beds for a week, hold microscopic pieces of dead skin and hair, dirt from the feet and other elements picked up during the day. These, too, can cause allergic reactions like sneezing and a runny nose.

Wash It

Dishes are an obviously important step in housecleaning, but many people tend to forget that part of the house such as window sashes, curtains and blinds, pets and walls all need to be washed on a regular basis as they can harbor dust and dirt. Over time, walls tend to turn slightly different colors from hand touching, cigarette smoke, dye from clothing and daily bumps and bangs. Eventually, this can make walls look dingy; giving the house a dirty appearance even if everything else is clean. Walls do not need to be washed on a daily or even weekly basis, but they should at least be checked once a month for any visible spotting and should be cleaned well at least twice a year with a non-chlorine cleaning agent and warm water.

Keep on Top of It

Its easy to forget about the dishes for one night and take a break from the daily grind. While many people do their dishes immediately after the meal is over, many other wait until the last meal of the day. Some only do the dishes once they’ve amassed a sink full, however the most important part of housecleaning in regards to dishes is not to let the work pile up. Ants, mice and cockroaches are attracted to the smell of the leftover food and will flock to enjoy it when the housekeeper is gone. Its best to rinse every dish free of food particle and leave them in the sink, rather than spread around, if they cannot be immediately washed.

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