Emergency Preparedness

Three Emergency Tips That Could Save Your Life

Emergency preparedness is important for anyone - no matter what activity you are engaging in or with whom. Families especially tend to pay attention to the rules of emergency preparedness because they know that being properly prepared for emergencies can reduce fear and immobility amongst young ones. If you would like to know more about emergency preparedness, it is important that you follow these tips, which are guidelines that are outlined for some of the most common emergencies. Keep in mind that emergency preparedness often can help, but it will not thwart off emergencies. Being prepared can help you better cope with the emergency so that the outcome is positive.


Black-outs are a common emergency for many homes. They occur due to two main causes: the first cause is a storm and the second cause is a power grid shut-down (usually the result of an accident at the power-plant.) While the power shutdown can usually be restored rather quickly, you will have to wait out the storms. Keep in mind that if the storm is particularly fierce, such as a tornado or tropical storm, you should head to the center of your home and stay underneath a table or doorway. Do not go near windows or any space with loose glass. Also, it is a good idea for the sake of emergency preparedness to have flashlights, canned food and water always on-hand.

Car Accident

If you are in a car accident or have any car malfunction, the first thing to do is pull over to the side of the road where the traffic is less likely to collide with your vehicle. Next, make sure that you and your passengers are okay. Many emergency preparedness kits are available for purchase and they include items such as spare tires, flares, flashlights and how-to guides. Be sure to call the police if you are in a situation that is either dangerous or if you need assistance sorting through it.

Health Emergency

There are a host of health emergencies that you should be aware of if you are going to be smart about emergency preparedness. The most common health emergencies that folks prepare themselves in advance for are: choking, drowning, bleeding and heart attacks. The first thing you should always do if you or someone near you is having a health emergency is call for help. While help is on the way, perform any necessary procedures to restore health back to the afflicted individual. Also, keep in mind that advanced preparation is a key ingredient in being able to restore health to someone that is ill.

Just about everyone needs and want to practice good emergency preparedness. Emergency preparedness sometimes means that you will be able to keep a crowd calm and under control. Other times, emergency preparedness can mean the difference between life and death. Make sure that you have a good overall understanding of basic emergency preparedness procedures in general to assure that you will be able to properly handle a variety of situations that might come your way.

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