First Aid Kit

The Importance of a First Aid Kit

In the event that a major earthquake has just occurred and you feel the vibrations, it is likely that you might feel also experience the after shocks. Imagine a scenario where you house is partly destroyed and all that is left is a few possessions, a couple of walls and members of your family, some of whom have sustained injuries. You are in a state of emergency.

Although this scenario is unpleasant and most people would prefer not to think about it, as citizens, we do need to realize emergencies are real and can potentially occur at any time.

No matter whether an injury occurs as a result of a major emergency or just on a camping trip, the value in having an up to date fully stoked emergency first aid kit, is one in the same.

So where do you start and what first aid items will you need to include in your emergency kit? The first thing you can do is buy a preassembled first aid kit. These preassembled kits are often put together by the local first aid centers and include items that can be useful in an emergency medical situation. Some basic first aid essentials include gauze, tape, adhesive strips, scissors, ointment for cuts and burns, bandages, rash creams, a thermometer, tweezers, safety pins or bandage clips, pain reliever, antiseptic towels, instant ice packs, sponges and eye washes etc.

Although these preassembled kits contain the common items that are all very valuable during an emergency, it is also critical that you also pack into your first aid emergency kit anything that is specific to your own health or medical needs. Things that you might need to include are things like prescription medications for asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression or contact lens liquid if you wear contact lenses or jelly beans or sweets if you suffer from diabetes.

While you might be tempted to pack the kitchen sink in their, you need to remember to keep your first aid and emergency kit lightweight and easy to carry. It should be easy enough for young child to carry with two hands. Remember, you are going to the first aid kit in an emergency so it needs to be easy to transport from place to place in a hurry. Keeping all of your first aid items in a backpack or lightweight box plastic box with handles is preferable.

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