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A Few 10 Minute Organization Tricks to Change Your Life

It is possible. It can be done. You can change your life in 10 minutes. Just with some simple organizational tools. Here are some simple organization ideas to get you started and on the way to a brand new (and very organized life):

10 minutes Chore Box

Rather than spending hours and hours every day to trying to organize the whole entire house, organizing, and just take 10 minutes. Create for yourself some 10 minute Chore Boxes. Make one for yourself and one for each family member. Each box should contain slips of paper that outline what chores need to be done. Each chore should be geared towards the person's abilities (e.g. the teens can help out with vacuuming, and the toddlers can help to put away the toys and books.) Each day, as a chore is completed, that slip of paper is placed in a holding envelope until the Chore Box is completely empty. Then, when the Chore Box is empty, its gets refilled, and the system starts over again, but in the meantime you have had a series of chores done.

10 minute Pick Up

You can start to control and even minimize the chaos around your home by scheduling a consistent, '10 minute Pick-up' each night. Go to your clock and set a timer to sound an alarm in 10 minutes. As the clock is ticking away, all family members are responsible during this time for tidying up and putting away their belongings from the main family area or for tidying up their own bedrooms. When the timer sounds, everyone stops. Don't worry if not everything was tidied. If you are consistent about the 10 minute pick up each day at least you will be making some headway.

10 minute "when I have some time" goals

Do you notice that no matter how much you want to do some things, that time for you to do them never seems to come along. If you really do want to fit something in, then believe it or not you can generally find the time. This is where 10 Minute Goals can help. Schedule 10 minutes a day to catch up on your reading, or to begin learning that foreign language, or to simply spend having fun with your children. Then, work on those goals when the schedule 10 Minute Goals date and time rolls around, just as you would if the 10 minutes Chore Box or 10 minute Pick Up time came around.

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