Disposable Contact Lenses

The Many Advantages of Disposable Contact Lenses

If you are like most contact lens users then the daily washing, disinfecting and storage of your contact lenses is a big pain. Given a choice most people would much rather have the option of simply throwing away their lenses at the end of the day and replacing them with new ones on the morrow; now you do have that option! Disposable contact lenses have made it possible to simply throw away your lenses when you are through using them and start with a fresh pair the next time; thus eliminating the need for storage vials, cleaning solutions and protein removal tablets.

Aside from the obvious, disposable contact lenses have other benefits as well. For instance, a clean, fresh and sterile pair of lenses is far more comfortable. They provide users with greater freedom and convenience. They prevent protein deposits from forming on the lens making them more effective. Patients who used disposable contact lenses reported fewer eye irritations and infections; and they permit people who would otherwise be allergic to cleaning solutions or protein deposits to enjoy the freedom and convenience of wearing contact lenses.

The only real disadvantage to disposable contact lenses is that they cost more than regular contact lenses. However, if you factor in what you will save in cleaning solution costs, then you actually come out slightly ahead. You must also be very clear to throw away a lens the minute it comes out of your eye and not reuse it as it will no longer be sterile. You must also never let yourself be lulled into a false sense of security because your disposable contact lenses are so easy to use and convenient. You are still wearing a medical device and you should always have regular eye check ups to ensure the health or your eyes.

People who would love to wear contact lenses but simply cannot abide the time and effort they require for maintenance are perfect candidates for disposable contact lenses. People who are allergic to the cleaning solutions needed for keeping contact lenses sterile and fresh are also good candidates for disposable lenses as are those who are bothered by protein deposits. After all, why not make your life easier?

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