Contact Lenses

The Convenience of Contact Lenses

If you are near sighted and feel thwarted that you are forced to wear glasses, then you should look into getting yourself a good pair of contact lenses. These tiny lenses that fit directly onto your eyeball thus eliminating the need for eye glasses have seen incredible advances since they were first introduced to the field of eye care and are so popular that most people opt to wear contact lenses instead of eye glasses.

The first contact lenses on the market were a rigid lens that caused irritation and fatigue in many people. They were also much harder to put in and so turned many people off. The innovation of soft contact lenses meant that almost overnight the discomfort and difficulty associated with contact lenses disappeared. The soft lenses were much easier to insert and did not irritate the eyes as much as their hard counterparts. The only drawback with soft contact lenses is that for stronger prescriptions the hard contacts are still needed, they do not last as long and they do not give as crisp a vision as the hard contact lenses.

Today contact lenses make life so convenient for those who need corrected vision that they are a booming business. If you are considering getting contact lenses for your eyes, then the first thing that you must do is visit your eye care professional. The reason for this is that contact lenses are medical devices and must be properly fitted to your eye – not only so that they work properly but also so that they do not harm your eye in any way.

The eye care provider will also determine whether you can wear contact lenses. Although almost everyone can, a few of us should not and it is important to know this before proceeding with our order. Once the examination of your eyes is complete, your eye measurements are given to the lab which produces your made to measure contact lenses.

Once you have your contact lenses, you must be sure to take care of them properly in order to maximize the use you get out of them and so that you protect your eyes from strain and infection.

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