Color Contacts

Add a Little Color to Your Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are such a permanent fixture in our lives that some of us wear them for no other reason except cosmetic. When contact lenses first came on the market they were solely used for corrective purposes. Today with the number of advances made that have seen contact lenses go from rigid and difficult to use lenses to soft, malleable and very comfortable lenses, there has been a shift from contact lenses being a purely corrective medical device to one of cosmetics. Why would anyone who has perfect vision want to wear contacts? To change their eye color of course! Colored contact lenses have become a very popular accessory among teens and young adults.

Colored contacts were first introduced for those who needed their vision corrected but their popularity saw them quickly become available to people who did not need glasses at all. They were a great way of changing the eye color nature gave you from brown to blue, from blue to green and from green to yellow. Basically anyone can now have the eye color they have always wanted thanks to colored contacts.

When looking for colored contacts you must look for quality, price, shipping and, of course, the right color. Colored contacts come in several tints that either accent your natural eye color, mask it or make an entirely new color using your natural color as a base tint. Finding the right color can take some time and should be done along with someone who can give you honest feedback. If you want to enhance your natural color you can take a similar tint to your own natural color. For example, if you have light blue eyes, but want a richer hue then buying a slightly darker shade of blue will really make your eyes pop. Whereas if you want to radically alter your appearance you may want to consider buying colored contacts that completely change your eye color. For instance if you have brown eyes and dark skin, then you might want to try getting yellow or amber colored contacts; they will lighten your eyes and give you very dramatic eyes.

Colored contacts are a lot of fun, so if you cannot decide on one particular tint, you can get several to change according to your mood and your outfits.

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