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Where to Find Contact Lenses Online

If you are a contact lens user and are fed up of constantly having to visit your ophthalmologist or optometrist to have your prescription refilled then you might be interested in knowing that you can order your contact lenses online.

Since this fast, economical and convenient service has come into existence thousands of happy customers buy their contact lenses online. However, if you plan on buying your contact lenses online then you should keep certain things in mind and proceed with caution. First of all you should always make sure that the prescription that you have is up to date. Most prescriptions are made to expire after two years or are renewable after one year. Never order contact lenses online if you have an expired prescription. The reasoning behind this is simple, you are buying a prescription device; buying online makes it seem as if you are buying an over-the-counter medical device, which is not true. It is very important to have regular eye check ups because contact lenses can cause changes to the tissues of your eyes which can damage your eyes if left untreated. They can also cause infections that in severe cases can lead to blindness, although this is exceedingly rare. Regular check-ups will permit your doctor to catch anything before is can really harm your eye.

The other thing you must watch for when buying contact lenses online is that the company does not replace one brand for another. If your doctor has prescribed a certain lens for you, then make sure that is the one you receive – doctors prescribe what is best for their patients and their prescriptions should not be altered or substituted in any way. Why? For the simple reason that different lenses have different water content and shape which are things that will affect the fit and comfort of your lens and which can only be diagnosed in person and not online.

If you decide to buy your contact lenses online and run into any problems you can always contact by email or report a company at As long as you can trust your source and have a good prescription to work with, then you can join the legions of people who already receive their contact lenses online.

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