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Break Out Your Dictionary for These Popular Word Games

Word games have been popular since mankind could read. Word games can involve creating a series of words that rhyme or they can involve working solely on the paper. No matter what kind of word games you are looking for, you are sure to either entertain yourself or a crowd of people with them. One thing is for sure: we love to put words together. Here is an overview of the three most popular word games that you can play yourself.

Crossword Puzzle

Without a doubt, the crossword puzzle is one of the most popular and oldest word games. Entire bookstore sections specialize in selling books of crossword puzzles and there are dozens of special dictionaries dedicated to helping individuals attempting to solve crossword puzzles. If you enjoy crossword puzzles, you will never be at a loss for fun puzzles, as most major newspaper puzzle a crossword puzzle each day.


HangMan is a game that is generally played by partners or teams. Each team will draw out spaces, each space representing a letter of a secret word. From there, the opposing side has to guess letters to fill in the spaces. Based on those guesses, the team will either guess the word or not. With each incorrect letter, however, the hangman loses a part of his body. HangMan is a popular game for individuals wishing to guess entire words and it works like a charm at keeping small children occupied. However, it can be a frustrating game if you have difficulty putting a full word together from small pieces.

Word Scramble

A word scramble is one of the most popular word games and can be found between the pages of most major newspapers everyday. In general, a word scramble is when a particular word is taken aside and all of the letters are rearranged. The player then has to attempt to put the letters back into order based on what he knows from the word structure. A word scramble will usually have several words that need to be unscrambled. From those words, there will be a sentence that needs to be completed based on the unscrambled words.

Word games are one of the best and most stimulating ways to stay mentally sharp and inspired. Word games are also proven to help improve your memory and your problem solving capabilities. If you enjoy word games, then you can find books of them at any local bookstore or in the daily newspaper. After all, something that is good for your brain and that you enjoy is never a bad thing!

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