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Action Packed Gaming for an Action Packed Society

Action Packed Gaming

As years have gone on, it seems that American society, and even the world in general, has become more action driven. We seem to yearn to be constantly moving, constantly entertained. This need for action has embedded itself into many entertainment outlets such as film, creating action movies. The gaming world has not escaped this, and thus the genre of action games has become increasingly more popular across the U.S. Action games tend to be very graphic and violent in nature, and often involve interactive elements, for example, shooting a gun. In addition, there is a lot of physical force involved, such as hitting and fighting.

Key Characteristics

While action games can most often be characterized and recognized by their violent nature, there are some additional key elements that define a common action game. While action games usually entail a plot or subplot, they rarely place much emphasis on it. The plot seems to exist merely as an aesthetic factor—something to look at, but not think too much about. The central thing players should be focusing on is themselves and their actions, not the plot. Often times there is a time limit, and players are challenged to complete tasks, and at the risk of not passing and having to start all over. Therefore, the player and his or her skills are placed at top priority.


While most action games are violent in nature and deal with topics like street crime and war, some are not. These others are physical however, and a popular theme among them is automobiles and bicycles. Some common games are set at the racetrack, and involve racing either cars, dirt bikes, or any other form of wheeled transportation. They encourage strong hand-eye coordination, and rely on the player’s quick reflexes to maneuver through turns and around unexpected obstacles. While these are not the most calm games, they do attempt to promote a less violent approach while still maintaining an action packed agenda.

Where to Buy?

Because most action games require the use of a computer, or at least a television equipped with a game system, they are common and easy to purchase. Most electronic stores like Best Buy carry top name brands and popular games, but you can also find them at large department stores like Target. In addition, you can seek out a local gaming store near you, and you can be guaranteed to find what you’re looking for. If you are not buying for yourself, but instead are buying an action game as a gift, it is important to remember that due to the graphic nature of the games, not all of them are suitable for children. Many of the more violent games have regulations requiring proof of age before purchase.

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