Strategy Games

It's Logic Over Luck in Strategy Games

Strategy Games At a Glance

People around the world have long since turned to playing games as a form of entertainment. Over the years games have evolved in nature, going from rather simple in nature and based on luck and pure chance, to quite complex and based on strategy. Strategy games tend to be detail-oriented, and rely on each player’s decisions. Therefore, no two players are alike, and essentially speaking, the outcome of the game rests entirely on the shoulders of its players. There are varying degrees of strategy games that span across many genres and topics, and as technology has advanced, so have the nature of the games. Today, many of these games are played on computers and use the internet.

War Games

Some of the most popular kinds of strategy games are called war games. These games simulate historical backgrounds of military fights, and players either participate in a specific battle scene, or even wage entire wars throughout the course of the game. War games incorporate military terminology and themes, and encourage players to think as if they themselves are the military leaders. Years ago these games were played with miniature figurines, and sometimes on boards that looked like battle field terrain. Today, these games are played on computer screens with advanced special effects and technology.

City Building Games

Another popular kind of strategy games are city building games, and they have increased in number over the years. These types of games encourage players to think in economical senses. They have no concrete, defined rules or objectives, but rather they give the player free reign to build and manage cities and economies as they choose to. These games are played on computers, but rarely use the internet. They are more often single player games rather than collaborating with or against a team of players. A popular version of these types of games is called Simcity and can be found at any local game or electronic store.

Turn-Based Games

A third form of strategy games are turn-based games. These games rely on the principle of playing with other people, and the different players each take turns making their strategic moves. This allows players to think about their moves in advance, letting them truly strategize over the game. Some games employ a round-robin approach, designating players each round, some are random where the player who takes his or her turn is randomly selected, and still others establish an order of playing where each player takes turns in the same order. Turn-based games can be played either on board games, or on a computer, depending on the genre.

Logic Over Luck?

Strategy games are truly games played with the mind; there is nothing left to chance, and everything left to player’s analytical and decision making skills. Essentially, at the start of the game each player has exactly the same odds of winning as the next, it is an equal playing field and there are no favorites. These games also do not require any technical or physical skill, which is appealing to those who, for whatever reason, cannot partake in physically centered games.

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