Washing Machine Repair

Avoiding a Washing Machine Repair

If you have a washing machine you will know that it is one of the most value items that you can purchase for your home. In the same vein, maintaining your washing machine is also important because if you don't maintain it properly you could be up for all sorts of expensive repair bills. While the odd repair probably cannot be avoided, by undertaking some basic maintenance care steps on your washing machine on a regular basis, you will cut down the chances of problems occurring more frequently.

We have developed a series of helpful tips that you can use to care for your washing machine, and hope that you can eliminate the risk of calling a repair man all too regularly:

Be careful when you use laundry products near to the exterior surface of your washing machine because some products can corrode and even rust the enamel surfaces found on many washing machine models. Even what you might think are completely harmless such as ammonias, chlorine bleaches, and solvents can be harmful to the machine if the spill is not cleaned up with soapy water and then wiped dry.

Turn off your hot and cold water taps that go into the tub. This alleviates any water pressure strain on hoses. When you turn your taps back on make sure that the hoses are not kinked or bent in any way as this can cause a spilt house or even worse a built of water pressure and a subsequent hose explosion.

If you have been away and have not used the hot water for two weeks or more, then you should turn all of the hot taps on and allow them to run for several minutes before using the washer so that any dirty water can be eliminated and so that you a) don't get scolded by any immediate hot water outpour or b) allow the water to heat up if it is cool.

In the event that you have been conducting a regular maintenance plan on your washing machine but it still decides to give you trouble, here are some basic checklists for determining what is wrong in specific circumstances:

Washer does not work and makes no noise - Firstly check that the washer is plugged in securely and then check that the circuit breaker or fuse box to see if the outlet has shut down because of an electrical fault. If these are both fin then check that the water supply valves are turned on, inspect the filter screens and test the motor. If none of these items seem to show any sign of fault then it might be time to refer to your washing machine manual and call your repair man.

No water is entering the wash tub - Firstly check that the water supply valves are turned on and then inspect them for any kinks. Check the filter screens next and then test the water level switch, water temperature switch and timer control. If all of these things are fine and the filter screens, water inlet valve and drain hose are all fine then it might be time to call in the expert.

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