Dryer Repair

Do it Yourself Dryer Repair Prevention Hints

If you are looking for some 'do it yourself' dryer repair ideas then look no further - this is your one stop resource. We have developed a series of helpful hints that will ensure your dryer works well all throughout the year:

Check for any spills of liquid or powder from your washing machine. This is a common reason for dryer breakdown. Most dryer exteriors are painted with synthetic enamel and this can easily be damaged by spills of chlorine bleach, ammonia, solvents or other chemicals often used in laundering and stain removal.

Do not spray pre-wash stain removers on clothing on top of the dryer or in fact anywhere near the dryer as this has a tendency to corrode the plastic control buttons on the front of the dryer.

Make sure that you keep your lint filter clean and clear of any fluff and other debris that it can tend to catch when you run several loads one after the other. Clean out the exhaust vent system annually too. If you d not do these vital tasks then you run the risk of your dryer motor overheating and breaking down.

Check the labels on any garments and other items like towels or bedding that you intend to put in the dryer. You need to be sure that they are dryer safe and won't start a fire when put in the dry on a hot air cycle.

Check any load you are about to put into your drying to ensure that no foreign objects have found their way into the pile. Foreign matter that can cause irreparable damage to your dryer include wax crayons, metal toys or food stuffs.

Follow manufacturer's instructions very carefully, when it comes to using fabric softeners and if you must use a fabric softener only use one that they recommend.

If the dryer's drum is spotted by starched or tinted items, then all you need to do is wipe the interior with a cloth moistened with a diluted bleach solution. You must then rinse the drum well to ensure than no bleach remains on the drum when in use. As sponge or dry cloth can help to clean any bleach remnants.

Ensure that you keep the door and the door opening clean and free from lint and other pieces of cotton, toweling or dust. Some normal soapy water can do the job and a soda or vanilla wipe over the top should do the trick.

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