Time Clock Software

Help Automate Your Business with Time Clock Software

Is your business still operating its time clock system with the old-fashioned punch card? While this technology is tried and true, and still works pretty well in doing its basic function of clocking employees in-and-out times, you should know that time clock software can do that, plus a lot more for your business.

Time clock software has several benefits. It's more accurate than punch cards, or especially handwritten accounts of employee hours. Because of this, your company can save money on payroll by having a to-the-minute (or even up-to-the-second!) account of how long each employee has worked. At the push of a button, you can create an account of an individual employee or group's work habits... are they often late or absent? Are they doing their jobs as efficiently as the team across the hall?

If you need to manage your employees' schedules with things like shifts, overtime or vacations, time clock software can provide that instantly, saving a lot of time in your HR department. In fact, the automated nature of time card software dramatically reduces paperwork and the potential for human error, therefore increasing the efficiency of your HR department in general, which very likely will save your company a lot of money.

Even for companies where employees don't clock in or out (like those on an annual salary) time clock software is beneficial. Many time clock software programs have the capacity to allow employees to enter in their own "in and out" data, schedule their own or their staff's vacations, or log any flex or overtime themselves.

Do your company a favor and spend some time on the clock investigating an investment in time clock software. While the punch card might give you a nostalgic "click" sound of a job that's done, time clock software can provide you with the feeling of a job done well.

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