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Keeping the Books Straight with Inventory Software

If you're in the business of manufacturing, distributing or storing hard goods, you have probably heard of inventory management software! It's an important part of tracking and managing your inventory.

If you are in the market to purchase inventory management software for the first time, or are seeking an upgrade to your current system, you probably know that some of the functions it serves are to fulfill and track orders, manage and organize inventory levels, and keep relationships with vendors and customers running smoothly.

Whether your company's requirements for inventory software are of the stand-alone kind(operates independently of other computer software programs you have already helping your business), or if the inventory software needs to be integrated within other programs, the primary functions you should look for in inventory software are:

  • The ability to produce templates for, as well as to distribute and track, paperwork like invoices, purchase orders, requests for proposals, packing lists, etc.
  • The ability to customize and classify different groups of your company's different types of inventory
  • The ability to alert you to essential things like delivery dates, inventory tracking along the distribution, and any material or inventory shortages
  • The ability to manage your inventory flow across multiple locations and channels
  • The ability to track and provide reports on historical inventory counts and other data
  • The ability to comply with any government regulations that your products might be specific to
  • The ability to help your company manage any customer service issues like repairs or parts replacement

The features listed above provide you with some of the basic things you should look for in inventory software. You will need to work with inventory software providers to determine any add-on features that will help your company succeed and save money in the complicated world of inventory management.

Other questions you'll want to ask potential inventory software providers are related to cost: if there are free upgrades, what the software's system requirements are, and if the company will provide your employees with training and customer support.

Most inventory software providers will offer you the opportunity to sample the software for a limited time, giving you the invaluable testing tool of actually using it in your company's system before you commit to buying. Be sure to take them up on this!

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