Payroll Software

Avoiding the Headaches with Payroll Software

Keeping track of payroll is certainly an important part of any company's business.

Being able to go from "startup" (an employee's first day) to "backup" (backing up the payroll data) with all the steps in between (assigning, processing payroll, printing or depositing paychecks, creating reports, etc.) all in the same place can save you a lot of time and money.

There's no shortage of payroll solutions out there. It's often a difficult task to choose the right product for you, both for your current needs and in your company's future. If you're in the market for payroll software, here are some things you should look for most payroll programs to do for you.

Payroll Processing

Payroll software should make this is all automated, fast and easy. It should be able to input payroll data using an accounting software or from a secure website or even by phone, calculate deductions and earnings including workers' compensation payments, and print checks or conduct direct deposit transactions at your desktop.

State and Federal Regulations

No need to memorize this stuff. With a lot of payroll software, filling out forms for payroll taxes is done automatically. You can also process year-end W-2, 1099 and related forms. Some software even files federal and state payroll taxes for you.

Report Generation

Almost all payroll software programs have standard reports, and you can also customize some for your specific payroll needs.

Staying Current

Many payroll software providers will offer a live update and support center. Sometimes this feature is free and sometimes it is offered for an additional fee.

Whether you are a small business just starting out with your first employees, writing and printing checks on your computer, or a large organization who would like to convert to paperless direct deposits, there's a program for you.

With most payroll software, you can download a trial version to make sure the software is right for you before you buy it. Be sure to test it thoroughly, ask questions of your potential payroll software provider, and ask business colleagues or professionals for advice on what payroll software systems have worked for them.

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